Presentation of our small team


Allow me to introduce our passionate team of innovative projects. We are a group of enthusiasts consisting of three core members of the Layer 1 project: Maxi, Luci, and Davi, who play a crucial role in the heart of our projects. Their expertise and dedication lay the strong foundation of our accomplishments.

In Layer 2 to this core team, we have Dudu, Krash, Isaac, and Jacko, who bring their expertise and creativity as supporting members. Their valuable contribution and unique ideas strengthen our team, exploring possibilities that others may not have envisioned.

Together, as a group of enthusiasts, we push conventional boundaries and explore new paths to create innovative projects. Our unique approach and team spirit enable us to realize unique mechanisms and solutions that make a difference.

We look forward to continuing this journey together, harnessing the potential of blockchain and creating solutions that open new perspectives.


Allow me to introduce Luci, our talented designer and communication.


Team Leader

Maxi, our project captain, dove into the world of blockchain 6 years ago and hasn’t looked back since.


Game Mechanic

Allow me to introduce Davi, our genius game mechanic.


Knowledge of video games and pizza recipes / Support in game mechanics / Fan of zkSync:


Accounting and Psychology / ATOM Network Enthusiast:

« Let me introduce you to KRASH,


Graphic Support / Ethereum and Solidity Fan / The Man of a Thousand Ideas:


Web Support / Passionate about Polygon:

« Meet Isaac, our web support specialist and a huge fan of Polygon. »

Our team consists of 7 passionate members who share both their expertise and passion for NFTs and blockchain. What makes our team unique is that 5 of us are independent workers in various fields, not necessarily directly related to blockchain.

We are enthusiasts who manage to balance our daily work with our passion for NFTs and blockchain. However, it can sometimes be challenging to juggle between our professional commitments and our dedication to the project. Despite that, our conviction and passion for the project are so strong that we sometimes forget about fatigue and even our own daily lives.

Each of us brings unique expertise from our respective domains, and we come together around our shared commitment to NFTs and blockchain. This diversity allows us to bring diverse perspectives and push the boundaries of what we can achieve together.

We are proud of our team and our dedication to this project. Together, we are ready to overcome challenges and create innovative solutions for the future of NFTs and blockchain.

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