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Welcome to our unique universe of NFT collection and social score-based card game.


Explore a world of endless possibilities with Punk Score.

Immerse yourself in an immersive experience where art, gaming, and competition come together. Collect unique NFT cards, strategically merge them to increase your social score, and rise in the rankings. Every decision matters, as your choices will influence the game’s economy and your position in the race to the top.

About the collection

Explore our captivating gallery of NFT cards, each representing a unique character with its own attributes and special features.

Refine your fusion strategy to create even more powerful cards, but beware of the consequences of your choices.

In Punk Score, the competition is fierce, and the battle for the top is relentless.


« Dive into our token-based economic system, powered by PST, which offers exciting opportunities to increase your influence and engagement.

Exchanges, sales, and purchases of NFT cards allow you to earn PST and expand your portfolio. Stay tuned for airdrops and giveaways as they provide unique ways to strengthen your position.

By joining our growing community, you become part of a revolution in the world of NFTs. Immerse yourself in Punk Score today and discover a universe where imagination comes to life, where strategic decisions are rewarded, and where competition is at its peak. Take on the challenge, reach new heights, and forge your own destiny. »

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